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This is the Greatest Most Complete Mortgage Protection Insurance Lead System Available to Agents and Brokers!!

This is the exact complete mortgage protection lead system that has been featured in The Agents Sales Journal, and The Broker and is now available for a limited time to the general public. This Mortgage Protection Marketing & Sales System has everything you'll need to be able to generate a consistent unlimited amount of new mortgage protection life leads using the most powerful mortgage protection  mailer that generates an AMAZING 8-15% RESPONSE! You'll have the complete system including the sales techniques, phone scripts and step by step instructions on how to generate over $150,000 in 2006 selling mortgage protection using the most successful mortgage protection insurance lead marketing & sales systems available. This is the system that most lead companies have tried to duplicate and sell leads at cost of $25-$50 per mortgage protection insurance lead. This is the original system that has been elusive to the general public till now. Instead of paying $25-$50 per lead, you'll now be able to generate higher quality mortgage protection insurance leads for $1-$3 per lead!

Nationally Recognized Oliver Maldonado who has traveled around the Country as a sales & marketing trainer and Author of The Greatest Sales book in the World created these systems when he became the National Marketing Director for a 180 year old $200 Billion Dollar Insurance Company 6 years ago. He's conducted sales & marketing seminars around the Country with Tom Hopkins. He's the Author of "The Mortgage Book, The Greatest Sales Book in the World and the Ten Sales Commandments". These systems have been sponsored and appear regularly in leading National Publications such as The Agents Sales Journal, The Originator Magazine, The Broker and the Scotsmans Guide.

Generate New Business Using:

          * The Most Successful Mortgage Protection Mailer Ever Created   

          * Mortgage protection Lead Referral System Generates 3-4 New Referrals From Each New Client @ 1st              Meeting

          * Most Successful Phone Scripts, Rebuttals and Sales System to Convert 60% People you Present

          * Do Repeat Business with Over 50% of All Past Customer

The Complete Mortgage Protection Marketing & Sales System is Market Proof!! These systems have been proven in both good and bad markets and have worked throughout the Entire Country!

Generating new life insurance business is the 1st step in creating a HUGE INCOME. Once you've been able to generate new prospects (Leads), the next crucial step is to be able to get in front of them and convert them into new life insurance clients. You'll be able to accomplish this by using the most successful scripts to get in front of the prospects. Once you're in front of the prospects you'll convert over 60% of everyone you'll meet with using the most successful Sales Presentation that has been successful around the Country with thousands of professionals both new in the business and veterans alike. 

The insurance business is rapidly changing and  there are hundreds of companies that have closed their doors within the last 6 months alone. There are tens of thousands of brokers and agents who have also failed out of the business within the past 6 months simply because they didn't have enough new business coming in to survive in the industry. These brokers and agents  didn't fail out of the business because of lack of effort! Most of them failed because they lacked proven systems that could generate new business leads for them and also lack of knowledge on what to do with their new business.

The #1 reason most insurance agents fail out of the business is because of lack of new qualified leads and prospects. The #2 reason is the lack of a proven sales system.

Don't be another statistic failing out of the business or starving in the insurance profession from lack of new business leads and sales. If you're still in the business and looking for a new way to generate the best possible quality mortgage protection insurance leads and system to convert the business into new sales, then this is the opportunity you've been needing.

Oliver Maldonado has traveled around the Country conducting sales training seminars for companies for years. Most recently he was traveling with Tom Hopkins International sharing these powerful systems with thousands of professionals.

This complete mortgage protection insurance marketing & sales system really works! I know many of you are very skeptical and you should be. Many of you have been taken advantage of by empty promises from others in the past with little if any results to show for your time, energy and money! When I first started in this business I went through the same challenges! Take my word for it, if you're currently in the business whether you have a staff of agents under you, or you sell for yourself this will be the best investment you've ever made on a system to generate 100% new insurance business and how to convert the new business. Actually don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself and make up your own mind.

Within 30 days you could be closing 10-15 new life clients per month!

If you only have a couple new prospects, you have to use every opportunity to close the couple prospects. You have to make the sale to make your own mortgage payment.

It's all just a numbers game. If you've only got 2 new prospects, you'd better make sure you close 2 prospects, right? We know that's not very realistic either. Even the greatest agents don't close 100% of their prospects. You must also remember that a prospect is just that a prospect, so as you've seen time and time again, just because you have a prospect, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a qualified prospect that requested a call from you.

Now, Imagine Owning a System That Can Produce A Predictable, Consistent And Never Ending Source Of New And Qualified Prospects Daily! And a Sales System where you'll convert 60% of the ones you meet with!

Most lead companies charge between $25-$50 per mortgage protection lead with a minimum order of at least 20. So agents spend at least $500 for 20 leads. Instead of spending $500+ on merely 20 mortgage protection leads, you should invest in a better system that is less expensive that will consistently generate you hundreds of mortgage protection leads for as long as you'd like. The complete mortgage protection lead system is $395 total and you'll generate mortgage protection leads for ever and not be limited to 20 or have to continue spending money on more leads! You'll own the system and be able to use it as much or as little as you can handle. Quantities and availability are limited so secure yours today!

Offer Only Available for a Limited Time Only! Order Now!
Consider This
Leads Per Month % of Sales Number Of Sales Average Premium Per Sale Monthly Premium Annual Premium New Client Per Year
40 25% 10 $650 $6,500 $78,000 120
40 30% 12 $650 $7,800 $93,600 144
40 40% 16 $650 $10,400 $124,800 192

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I've participated in Mortgage Lead programs from other companies for about 4 years and I am now enjoying greater success than ever before at a much greater ROI than any of the previous companies I worked with. I'd like to share the particulars so you in turn may share with other program candidates. For me, the ratio of applications taken to leads received is 60%. In other words, if I receive 10 leads, I can expect 6 applications for life insurance. Of the 6 applications, 1-2 are permanent products. I am receiving 8 to 10 leads per week. The result is 19+ life cases per month from the system. If we assume I get 8 leads per week over 4 weeks, my cost for those 32 leads is $283.00. My average commission per case is about $450.00 X 19 = $8,550.00 or over 95% return on investment. Results were not that good in the beginning. I had to work at fine tuning my approach and learned to be dogged in determined follow up and follow through. Many of the cases I close are brought to fruition only after 3 months and multiple telephone calls. I never stop calling a prospect until they say no, no and by the way, no. This system is where 100% of my business is coming in from. Cold calls are no longer part of my business! 

John H, 

One of the agencies I work with suggested I get involved with this lead system to see if it would work along side of my current referral system. I was not interested in the beginning because my leads came from clients that had bought policies from me. I could think of no warmer market than referrals from satisfied clients. Why would I want to purchase a program when I got my referrals for free? They said that I could do better with this system because I would be from of more people. Needless to say, I was skeptical. I had been successful doing what I had been doing for quite a few years. The agency asked me to do them a favor and order a certain amount of names so that I could help mentor other newer agents and they would pay for my percentage of the leads. I reluctantly agreed, but I would try it for them to see if this was a viable alternative to the referral system that I was using. After I started receiving the leads, about ten. I believe I made approximately 8 valid appointments and I sold six cases on those eight calls. I couldn't believe it!!! I had never had that kind of success even dealing with a HOT market referral. I thought it was Too good to be true. I have been in this business for over 10 years, as good as I thought I was, I had never had this kind of success. I continue to use this system today and I can honestly say that, without the lead system I truly believe I would not be in this business today. It has eliminated so much time wasted on calls that end up with me just spinning my wheels.

Susan B

I wanted to take a little time and write a letter to share with other agents the value of your mortgage protection lead system. I have been in the insurance business since 1975 and have tried all of the prospecting tools; none has worked as well as your program. While I have an established clientele in the San Diego area, I still wanted to reach out for more. The value in your program is your up from letter to the prospect is honest about what the subject insurance coverage on the families most important asset... the home. Second, when I received the reply card I feel confident they want me to call... I'm not in the same arena as a telemarketer. While your letter or reply card does not sell the insurance, it gives me an honest opportunity to approach people and do what I do best... sell financial services. Here is a surprise! Many times after selling policies to cover the mortgage I have gone into other areas of financial services, long-term care, annuities, 401k rollovers from old employers, and the list is still growing. I get referrals from these satisfied new customers making the average cost on the leads cheaper.  Thanks.



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