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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! While Supplies Last!

"The Ultimate Mortgage Direct Mail System Is Back!"

Mortgage & Real Estate Industries are recovering and it's time to Make Your Phone Ring Off The Hook!! For Those of you that have Survived, Here You Go! Homeowners WANT YOU NOW!

It's Back by Popular Demand... For those of you that don't know of the system, this is the Amazing Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing System that Revolutionized Mortgage Industry Marketing!!!

Mortgage Direct Mail System Creator Generated Results:

  • 1. Personally Generated Over $2.2 Billion in New Mortgage Business

  • 2. The Mortgage Direct Mail System Generated Over $1 Trillion Closed

  • 3. Traveled Around the Country Teaching 10's of Thousands of L.O's/R.E.s

  • 4. Developed Complete Mortgage Mailer that Generates a 20-30% Response

  • 5. Created Referral System that Generates 4 Referrals From Each Client

  • 6. Developed Mortgage Sales System to Convert over 80% of Prospects

  • 7. Was Featured in Every Mortgage Magazine at the time

  • 8. Developed the Savings Sheet to help Pitch all New Clients

  • 9. Created New L.O Cookie Cutter Mass Training Material

  • 10. Retired From Mortgage Industry at Age 32 (after 8-9 years in business)

  • 11. Trained Tens of Thousands of Mortgage/Real Estate Professionals

  • 12. Coming Out of Retirement to Help Rebuild Mortgage Income/Fortunes

  • Wrote The Mortgage Book and much, much more....

For the survivors of the Mortgage & Real Estate Industry Collapse, the Mortgage Direct Mail System is back to help you earn the income you're accustomed to seeing from the last few mortgage booms we had. For all of the others who joined the mortgage industry after the collapse, don't worry!

You can still earn over $100,000 per year and MORE!! Rookies, you can now earn the money you've heard some of your co-workers bragging about when they bragged about earning  $200k-$300k Per Year!! At the very least, you can still break $100k per year and in this economy & industry!! All it takes is hard work and having a proven system to get homeowners to call you! That's it!

This is the Greatest Mortgage Direct Mail System in the World! A Mortgage Direct Mailer that Generates a 20-30% Response!!        

Now the Official Mortgage Direct Mail System that has been so effective around the Country for tens of thousands of Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals and used by Industry GIANTS is Back by Popular Demand & Available to Any & All Mortgage Professionals! Don't miss out.. You can still have your BEST YEAR EVER! 

This is the Official Complete Mortgage Direct Mail system that's been featured and endorsed by The Mortgage Originator Magazine (MOM), National Mortgage Broker (NMB), Scotsmans Guide, The Broker and The Mortgage Press is available to the general public.

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Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign Statistics and Summary

This Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign is different than any other you have ever seen or worked with in the past. This Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign was specifically created exclusively for the Mortgage Industry and is expected to produce between 20-30% incoming (phone call) response rate from the mailings if done properly. Below you will find a brief breakdown of what you should expect from the mortgage direct mail campaign. You can use these figures and adjust according to your specific needs and goals.

Pieces Mailed      Incoming Calls              Mini-Apps                   Closed Loans Generated       

       100                         20-30                                6-9                                1-1.5

       500                       100-150                           30-45                              5-7.5

     1,000                      200-300                           60-90                            10-15

     5,000                   1,000-1,500                     300-450                          50-75

This Mortgage Direct Mail System generates thousands (1,000's+ Unlimited) of leads!!

If you are a mortgage originator you need as many resources as possible that help you generate a predictable and consistent amount of new prospects if you want to not only survive in the business but also earn a great income as well. Direct mail works and has worked for many years and will continue to work for many years to come. This mortgage mailer not only works but generates an amazing 20-30% response! This is the greatest mortgage direct mail piece in the world which can help you generate an unlimited amount of new mortgage applications at a fairly inexpensive cost.

Within 30 days you could have all of your New Mortgage Business & All Leads coming from this Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign Alone, Funding $3-$10 Million or MORE Each Month!

The exact complete mortgage direct mail system that was featured in the Mortgage Originator Magazine "Creating an Effective Direct-Mail Piece" Article is available for a limited time to the general public. This Mortgage Direct Mail System already has a mortgage mail piece that generates a 20-30% response! This system has the templates needed to create an unlimited amount of Deeds for any quantity direct mail drop for as long as you'd like. Along with the templates, you will find all of the scripts needed for you to know exactly what to say when your phone starts ringing. These proven scripts will help you maximize the incoming calls for you to convert the response from your mortgage direct mail campaign into applications and fundings.

This Mortgage Direct Mail System was featured in the top selling "The Greatest Sales Book in the World" as The Greatest Direct Mail Piece in the World generating an unmatched and unheard of 20-30% response rate from the pieces mailed!

This mortgage direct mail campaign really works! I know many of you are very skeptical and you should be. Many of you have been taken advantage of by empty promises from others in the past with little if any results to show for your time, energy and money! When I first started in this business I went through the same challenges! Take my word for it, if you're currently in the mortgage business whether you have a staff of L.O's under you, or you originate for yourself this will be the best spent money you've ever spent on a system to generate an unlimited consistent amount of new mortgage business. Actually don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself and make up your own mind.

I'm not sure how long we'll have this material available to the public so don't let this opportunity pass you by!

You Must Have A Reliable System To Bring In Qualified Loan Prospects and with this Mortgage Direct Mail System, you'll have that!

The Mortgage Direct Mail system does just that and more..

If you only have a few mortgage leads you'll have to try to do whatever it takes to try and close those leads. In the event that the mortgage leads don't qualify you'll find yourself spending countless hours wasted trying to see what if anything else you might have overlooked to close the leads. 

If you only have a couple of leads, you have to use every opportunity to close the couple of leads. You have to make the sale to make your mortgage payment.

It's all just a numbers game. If you've only got 2 leads, you'd better make sure you close 2 loans, right? We know that's not very realistic either. Even the greatest mortgage originators don't close 100% of their leads. You must also remember that a lead is just that a lead, so as you've seen time and time again, just because you have a lead, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a qualified lead.

Now, Imagine Owning a system That Can Produce A Predictable, Consistent And Never Ending Source Of New And Qualified Loan Prospects Daily!

You'll Generate So Much Loan Volume For Yourself, That You Won't Care If You Lose A Deal Here And There! Instead of spending countless hours looking at and working with the leads and prospects that don't qualify trying to make a miracle happen, now you'll be able to cherry pick the ones you want to work with and spend the time working on qualified mortgage leads.

If you only have a few loans in the pipeline, then you are in big trouble. Because with so little loans in the pipeline, losing one can literally bring you to your knees! On the other side of the spectrum if you have many, many qualified mortgage leads, you won't care about losing one loan here and there! Right?

You have the power to pick and choose (Cherry Pick) who you want to work with! Don't you just hate the know-it-all types, the Mr. Rate shopper, the constant nagging type, the absolute time wasters that are never going to do business with you.

Most mortgage originators have so little leads to work with that they can't afford to lose any deals. They have no choice but to deal with these time & energy devouring creatures and make you hate getting up to go to work every morning.

With your own Mortgage Direct Mail Lead Generation System:

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Here's what you'll get in the Mortgage Direct Mail System:

          I.     The easy to use yet very detailed Instructional Manual that will walk you through the entire system step-by-step. The manual will help you through the entire process from learning what envelopes to use, what market to target, what days to mail, how to mail and so much more.

          II.    The Deed Creation Software! This is the software that you'll use to generate an unlimited amount of deeds of trust for as long as you'd like. This is the only place to order this proprietary software. It is not available anywhere else! This software is what helps generate the 20-30% incoming call response to get homeowners calling you! Who said the refi market is gone, it's only gone for those who don't know how to reach them!

          III.    All necessary scripts & rebuttals that will have you converting those incoming calls into mini-applications, and appointments.

          IV.   The Presentation you'll use when meeting with new clients. This presentation has been so successful that even someone using it for the first time will typically convert over 75% of all New Clients they meet with that will want to do business with them and sign all disclosures.

          V.   All the Marketing Materials, Mailers, Ads, Scripts and Presentations on a separate CD which can be saved on your computer.

This is the complete Mortgage Direct Mail System only available on this website, and as you can see it contains everything you'll need to be able to implement the system within a few hours of receiving the material. It's so easy to use and implement that you'll literally have homeowners calling you within a day or two of your very first mailing!

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          Special Bonus #1:   The Most Effective Mortgage Sales Presentation Available. You'll be able to convert over 65% of all homeowners you meet with using this presentation. Regardless if you are new in the business or a seasoned veteran, this presentation will work for you. Value of $125.00

          Special Bonus #2:   Mortgage Referral System. this is the most successful way to self generate new referrals. Turn each new referral you receive from realtors into 3-4 new referrals. This is the most successful mortgage referral system in the world. You can literally generate 3-4 new referrals from each new client you have from the very first meeting using the Referral Voucher! Value of $125.00

          Special Bonus #3:   All these bonus materials on CD so you can save them directly to your computer! Value $299.00

ORDER NOW!                        Only Available for a Limited Time Only! Don't Miss Out!

Within 30 days you could have all of your new mortgage business coming from DIRECT MAIL, funding $3-$10 Million per month!

I'm not sure how long we'll have this material available to the public so don't let this opportunity pass you by!

How Many of you Wish All of Your New Mortgage Business Came From Direct Mail?

As you can see, there's more than just one tremendous system available to you today. When you order the Mortgage Direct Mail System today you'll receive several other systems and bonuses for a total Savings of $649.00 by ordering now! There just isn't any other system available where you'll get such great value with a 100% money back Guarantee!!

Now you're probably thinking "How much?" With all you get, you may be thinking the system is over $1,000 or at best $599 which is what most other less superior systems are going for. There's just so much value here that it's easy to think the system will be at such a high cost, but the entire Mortgage Direct Mail System and all Bonuses Included is just a small investment of $395. That's right, you'll get everything for an investment of only $395. The bonus material alone is almost double that cost.

You Get To Cherry Pick The Cream Of The Crop!

(You get to cherry pick the easiest and most profitable loans!)

Professional and Custom Targeted Mortgage Direct Mail Campaigns

Mortgage Originators, Mortgage Brokers & Bankers:

  • 1. Home loan "A" Prime

  • 2. Home loan Sub Prime

  • 3. Home loan (eq/refi/debt)

  • 4. Home loan (bill cons.)

  • 5. Home loan (refi)

  • 6. 125 LTV, 100% LTV home equity & line of credit loans

  • 7. FHA loans

  • 8. VA loans

  • 9.15. Credit card consolidation loans

  • 10. No Income check loans for self-employed

  • 11. 100% No income check loans (100% no doc loans)

  • and more....

The Complete Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign !!!

Our Mortgage Direct Mail system can have you generating 100% of all of your new mortgage business within 30 days! This is the most effective way to generate new mortgage business. Get your pipeline built up today and keep those long high interest rates away so the long hot summer ahead is nothing but closing to closing! Fund 10 loans within 30 days of receiving your mortgage direct mail system!

Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign #1- Prime "A" Paper Refinance Leads:*** Still turning in Great Results!! This mortgage direct mail response generates the A paper homeowners to call you. The mortgage direct mail campaign will teach how to target this affluent market to generate new refinance business from the homeowners you want to work with in the areas you want to work in. The mortgage direct mail system will teach you how to get to this market. How to get these homeowners with 680+ credit scores to call you. You'll also learn how to get not only homeowners with 680+ credit scores to call you, but also homeowners with current mortgage balances of $500k plus! Model demographics on this mortgage direct mail campaign are typically as follows. These demographics can be adjusted to meet your particular loan programs.

  • 680-760 ranges EST.
  • $500k+ 1st mortgage balance (You pick the mortgage balances)
  • LTV 80%
  • Home Value 750k+
  • Income 150k+
  • Length of residency 1 year+
  • Pick the zip codes you want to target


Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign #2- Combining 1st & 2nd Mortgages: This is one of the mortgage direct mail campaigns that generates some really great results typically with a higher average in conversion ratios. This mortgage direct mail campaign targets homeowners who have a 2nd mortgage and as you know, no one gets a 2nd mortgage just to have a 2nd mortgage. Homeowners who have taken out a 2nd mortgage have done so either because they wanted to save on Mortgage Insurance (MI). Or they weren't able to get the cash out they needed in the past. Most if not all homeowners that have taken a 2nd mortgage out do so knowing they will someday refinance and combine their 1st & 2nd mortgages together. This mortgage direct mail campaign will target the 2nd mortgages and when the homeowner calls you, they're already prepared to talk about combining their 1st & 2nd mortgages together! The homeowners for this mortgage direct mail campaign typically fall into the 640+ range. Model demographics can be adjusted to meet you criteria.

  • Home Value 320k+
  • 1st mortgage balance 240k+
  • 2nd mortgage balance 60k+
  • (You pick the mortgage balances)
  • Income 85k+
  • Trade lines 5+
  • Pick the zip codes you want to target
  • Length of 2nd 1 year+

Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign #3- B/C Sub-prime: This file is great for those brokers or companies who target certain high interest rate lenders or the B/C/ Sub-prime market. You pick the lenders you want to target. You must choose at least three lenders and have a wide geographical area and mortgage dates. This Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign generates an extremely high response rate typically much higher than the regular 20-30%. With this mortgage direct mail campaign you'll typically have homeowners who are in financial difficulties calling you. They are in a tough position and need some help immediately! You'll also have homeowners who are about to go into foreclosure or who might also be in foreclosure calling you. This direct mail campaign generates great results for this type of mortgage lead and if you have the programs available, you'll be overwhelmed with the incoming call response!

  • Home value 200k+
  • All Mortgage amounts (You pick the mortgage balances)
  • 540-620+ credit scores
  • debt consolidation $15k
  • pick the zip codes you want to target

Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign #4- 125% LTV Loan Candidates: **This market is running WILD right NOW! This Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign is directed towards individuals whose current 1st mortgages are at higher LTV's and need a 125%LTV 2nd mortgage to consolidate debt! This mortgage direct mail campaign is designed not only to generate 2nd 125% LTV 2nd mortgages, but also to generate a guaranteed repeat client once you can combine their 1st & 2nd mortgage. This mortgage direct mail campaign is also designed where you can refinance their 1st mortgage and do a 2nd 125% LTV after you've refinanced their 1st.  The scores are typically 640+ with excess of 20k+ in Credit Card Debt. There is sufficient equity in their home. This market is alive and has been virtually untapped for the past few years!

  • Model Demographics
  • 640+ ranges EST.
  • 20k+ Credit Card Debt
  • LTV 90+%
  • Home Value 250+
  • Mortgage balance 200k+ (You pick the mortgage balances)
  • Income 35k+
  • Length of residency 1 year+
  • Name, Address, Phone
  • 5,000 lead min $?,???.00 plus shipping and handling

Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign #5- PMI or MIP Removal Candidates: This mortgage direct mail campaign targets homeowners who are presently paying PMI or MIP for no reason and most likely can be streamlined. This mortgage direct mail campaign is great to target, as they don't even realize their paying for insurance they don't require. This mortgage direct mail campaign generates a higher ratio of applications from homeowners calling in.

  • 600-650 credit scores
  • Mortgage balance 240k+ (You pick)
  • FHA and Conventional
  • You pick the zip codes you want to target

These are all of the great Mortgage Direct Mail Campaigns you'll have available to you! That's right! You'll be able to use any and all of these mortgage direct mail campaigns! This is a HUGE benefit for you, especially since you'll be able to adjust your mortgage direct mail campaign to match what is happening in the market & economy!!! You'll be able to have a resource of unlimited new mortgage business regardless of what's going on!! Buy this Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign today and get your company on the move and explode your mortgage origination pipeline TODAY !!!  

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Mortgage Telemarketing Out-Sourcing Test Campaign!

Receive 25 Mortgage Applications Live 

Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign

The Greatest Mortgage Direct Mail Campaign in the World!!

To all mortgage originators, Keep On Keeping On!

Oliver Maldonado Author of "The Greatest Sales Book in the World and The Mortgage Book"

For more information regarding the mortgage industry, sales or direct mail please email  me directly at and I'd be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.     

Thanks, Oliver Maldonado

"I've only sent out 170 mailers and within a few days I've already received over 50 incoming calls! I've got 12 mini-apps right now and I've never seen anything like this in my 15 years in the mortgage business".

Michael M.

Tampa, FL


"Wow! I only wish I would have known of this system a long time ago! I've stopped doing all other forms of marketing and currently almost all of my business is being generated from this system".

Brian T.

San Diego, CA     

Brian M., LO in California will break $40,000,000.00 in Volume for the Year

Christy H., Sales Manager in New York generated $365,400,000.00 in Gross Sales

Jamie W., Mortgage Consultant in Colorado closed over 200 loans in 1 Year

Tim P., LO in Maryland Generated 39 Referred Applications in 1 Month only 2nd Month in the Business

Tracy W., LO in Colorado Generated $88,700.00 in Commissions in 1 Month 

Bradford V., LO in New Mexico Doubled his Production from Bonus Referral System Alone


The results above were achieved by regular mortgage professionals that used these systems in this market and not during the refi boom. You too can create these results using these time tested and proven systems. These systems WORK and were created so anyone can duplicate the results following proven techniques.

"I've been doing direct mail for many years and I thought I had a great mailer seeing a 3-4% response rate. I've never even dreamed of getting anything above a 5% response rate! Now, with this system I'm seeing a response rate over 15%! That's unheard and as I write this, it still seems as if it's exaggerated, but if I hadn't seen it for myself, I'd never believe it! ".

Andrew S.

Miami, FL   


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at